Parts Coordination Management

Trainee Programme

Are you our next superstar of logistics and premium service?

You might be, if you are:

Curious to work with global logistics

Interested to gain experience from working internationally

Passionate about quality in customer service 


Let’s find out if Parts Coordination Management (PCM) Trainee Programme is something for you!

Read on to learn more about the programme, possible locations, what we are looking for – and most importantly why you should join us.


Why join us

You will:

Be part of a global trainee programme as well as your own local PCM team

Work with real cases from the start

Get to strengthen your communication and technical skills

Learn a lot about global logistics and quality service


As our PCM trainee, you will be part of a global network and trainee programme, part of a big team in a real work environment. We will ensure that you will be properly onboarded and you will have the opportunity to strengthen your interpersonal and technical skills during the trainee period in a very international environment. This is a perfect opportunity to get a thorough understanding of how logistics is managed in a truly global company. 

As a bonus, we guarantee that your close colleagues are gold and always a (virtual) arm length away to support you. You will get to work with colleagues with very diverse backgrounds, strengthening an international mindset. We are excited about our work and the impact it has on the marine and energy industries' service level.

We are looking to find colleagues with this shared passion. 

Who we are looking for

For us to be the best match, we expect you to have an interest in spare parts and logistics. We are looking for you with a positive mindset and a genuine interest to work towards building strong customer relationships. For you to succeed in the position, we hope you have a clear and structured approach to your work and focus on quality.

We believe that you will shine in this role, when you have:

B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree studies (technical or commercial) 

Experience in customer service

Fluent English language skills

Excellent communication skills, both written and oral 

Earlier experience within spare parts order & logistics is a plus.

Working as trainee in
Parts Coordination Management

As PCM trainee, you can learn about working in an international working environment with people all across the globe, and also to work independently, surrounded with great colleagues who will help you whenever you need it.

Miika Nieminen
PCM Trainee in 2021
Location: Finland

The company values the employees and the work teaches to deliver the output to the best of the standards.

Prerna Gandhi
PCM Trainee in 2021
Location: India

When talking about my team, each person has been incredibly supportive right from the time of training and even now when I started working on actual scenarios. Moreover, working with considerably experienced teammates allows me to enrich my professional experience and I’ve also got an excellent chance to develop my skills.

Stefi Susan Mathew
PCM Trainee in 2021
Location: India

The overall experience to work in a global company as Wärtsilä has been eye-opening. I have learnt a lot in my work in PCM and the team has supported me with any problems along the way.

Muhammad Haikal
PCM Trainee in 2021
Location: Singapore

A global network

PCM centres are placed around the world, to be able to support our customers around the clock in the best possible way.

These are the locations, where we are recruiting PCM trainees - Athens, Vaasa, Dakar, Dhaka, Mumbai, Bogota, Singapore.

We are almost continuously recruiting trainees to the locations mentioned above.  

Check out the currently available trainee positions HERE and read more about the work in the job advertisement.

Apply now through our careers portal and become part of our awesome PCM trainee network!