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Join us in making the future of energy 100% renewable

Tomorrow’s energy landscape is being reshaped by new technologies and regulation in unforeseen ways. Decarbonising our industry is not something we can achieve overnight. We believe that finding visionary partners with the most inspiring innovations is crucial in making it happen.

To tackle these challenges, Wärtsilä Next Business Lab is on a mission to uncover game-changing innovations to accelerate the energy transition. We’re looking for ambitious growth companies to join us in reaching a
100% renewable energy future.


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Wärtsilä Next Business Lab.
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What we're looking for

We’re in search of solutions that can springboard our customers into a decarbonised future and pilot projects that could evolve into partnerships and possible acquisitions. 


Monitoring, control, and analytics

  • Solutions with prognostic insights of a power plant by data utilization and digital technologies
  • Solutions with real-time bi-directional data streaming capability and network redundancies
  • Capture technology providers for situational awareness monitoring, anomaly detection, and prediction

Sustainable fuels

  • Technology partners for research and development of combustion and fuel injection technology architecture for green e-fuels
  • Partners for design, testing, and validation of safe green e-fuel powerplant concepts
  • Research partners for analysis and test method development for e-fuel properties, methods, and contaminant treatment technologies

Predictive maintenance

  • Enablers of technical foundation and monitoring points for holistic plant health
  • Solutions for automated diagnostics and real-time actions from fault prediction and remaining useful lifetime models
  • Applications to enable autonomous operations through holistic plant health understanding – predictive O&M, performance management, and asset management. 

What's in it for you?

We believe there is a lot of untapped potential in growth companies and we want to help you to scale your business. Working together, you’ll get access to our key markets and customers across the globe. We’ll support you at every step in developing and validating your innovations.

Could we be a perfect match?

To achieve a successful partnership, we should be able to:

Scale your business by providing access to our customers and markets

Get competences or access to technology faster or with a lower cost

Be able to develop future technologies that will play a critical role 

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Case Energy Storage: from growth company to a top player in the sector.

"With Wärtsilä behind us, we could grow to whatever size we needed to and we could instantly become a global platform."

Andrew Tang, Vice President, Energy Storage and Optimisation

"Our ambition is to accelerate the energy transition by turning innovations into commercially feasible solutions and services. Joining forces with cutting-edge growth companies and other actors is a key part in fast-forwarding our vision of reaching a 100% renewable energy future."

Eleonor Hedström, Director, Next Business Lab

E Hedström

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Director, Next Business Lab
Decarbonisation innovations
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Terry Rim
Lead, Exploration & scouting, Next Business Lab
Digitalisation of energy assets
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Wärtsilä Next Business Lab.
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