Future-proof your power generation assets

Energy Lifecycle upgrades

Stay profitable and competitive with Wärtsilä Lifecycle upgrades

The immense shift in the energy landscape makes it difficult to reliably predict changes when firstly evaluating the business case for a power generation investment – however, you need to be ready to adopt new ideas along the way. 

New regulatory requirements or changes in the grid may present obstacles to the smooth running of your operations. In these situations, upgrading is often the best means of managing obsolescence, future proofing your assets, and maximising the lifetime of your investment. 

Securing your return on investment while adapting to disruptions in the operational environment has never been easier.

We can help future proof your power generation assets in a changing world.


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Our proudest numbers


Upgrade projects delivered to energy customers.


repeat Upgrade projects carried out on 200+ installations.


engines totalling 1.68GW converted to gas. 

Maximise the performance and extend the lifetime of your power plant

Make the most of your power plant

  • Do you know the true condition of your engine and power plant equipment?
  • Has your power plant been audited by a team of experts?
  • Are your maintenance routines based on the actual condition of your equipment? Could your operating routines be improved?
  • Have your electrical and automation systems been checked for obsolescence or compatibility with the grid system?
  • Could increased availability improve your business performance?  

Future-proof your existing assets

  • Do you know the risks and potential related to your current business?
  • Are you aware of upcoming changes in the industry and are you prepared for those?
  • Are you aware of the latest technologies and upgrades that could improve your business?
  • Do you have the opportunity to enter into new power generation markets, but feel the existing plant configuration is limited?

To answer the questions above, it is essential to have a reliable partner with a broad set of competences and thorough understanding of customer's needs to provide the optimal solutions.

We at Wärtsilä have extensive expertise and expertise in applying the latest technologies to support our customers all around the world. Our Lifecycle upgrades help you make the most of your power plant and future-proof your assets to ensure performance and competitiveness for the long-run.

Our Lifecycle upgrades offering

How to improve power plant efficiency?

As power plants and their equipment age, their efficiency often declines, leading to reduced output and increased fuel consumption. Investing in a power plant upgrade to improve energy efficiency creates significant commercial, operational and environmental benefits. Find out how an upgrade can improve your power plant’s energy efficiency.

How to optimise operational costs?

A series of blog posts discuss operational costs from different perspectives: monitoring and setting the optimal cost level, improving reliability and efficiency as well as for example applying new technologies. Our experts share insights and observations based on their experience of working with a wide range of companies in the energy industry.

Our success stories: How we have helped our customers

  • Cartones Ponderosa, Mexico

    The gas conversion reduced the cost of electricity produced by 50% and also reduced emissions.

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    Cartones Ponderosa, Mexico
  • Pointe Monnier, Mauritius

    The Central Electricity Board (CEB) of Mauritius improved the performance as well as reduced the operating costs of their power plant by having a turbocharger retrofit.

    Read more
    Pointe Monnier, Mauritius
  • Kaloum 5, Republic of Guinea

    Power plant overhaul boosts availability and grid stability.

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    Kaloum 5 - Republic of Guinea

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