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Interferry Conference 2023

4 - 8 November 2023 | Grand Chancellor Hobart, Hobart, Tasmania| Booth #5

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Leader in Hybrid and electric ferries

4 - 8 November 2023 | Grand Chancellor Hobart, Hobart, Tasmania| Booth #5

We are thrilled to have you join us at this exciting ferry event as we embark on a journey towards a more sustainable ferry industry. At Wärtsilä, we are not only participating in this event, but we are also actively shaping the future of the ferry industry with our innovative decarbonisation solutions.

Join us in shaping a cleaner future

We believe that collaboration is key to achieving a more sustainable future for ferry transportation. At our stand, you will have the chance to engage with our experts, ask questions, and explore potential partnerships that can help your ferry operations become more efficient.

Explore our decarbonisation solutions

During your visit to our stand, you will have the opportunity to explore our cutting-edge decarbonisation solutions, which are designed to revolutionize the way ferry transportation operates:

Where else to catch Wärtsilä at Interferry 2023

7 November
11.10 -12.25

Session 12​:
Optimizing energy efficiency on Ferries by means of Energy Saving Devices 

Sander van Oosterhout
Director Propulsion Technology, Wärtsilä Marine Power

8 November

Joint Technical Yard Tour with INCAT

Join the technical yard tour with our esteemed partners at INCAT Tasmania. Together, we have embarked on a groundbreaking journey, collaborating on the world's first zero emissions, lightweight Ro-Pax ferry project, which will soon become a symbol of innovation and sustainability in the maritime industry.

This joint tour will offer you a rare opportunity to witness the remarkable progress and expertise that have gone into the creation of this pioneering vessel.

Join us as we explore the future of ferry transportation and celebrate this remarkable achievement. Your presence would greatly enhance the experience, and we look forward to sharing this historic moment with you.

How to find us at the event venue

Grand Chancellor Hobart,
Hobart, Tasmania

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