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A smart backup and decision support app on a tablet to provide mobility onboard. It helps enhance safety with navigational hazards warnings and consult the berthing assistant on wings without any stationary conning display.

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BridgeMate is an iPad app that serves as an efficient backup device in case of the main navigational system blackout. It can be used also as a convenient device for a seafarer to be aware of the navigational situation on board even if being away from the Bridge. Situational awareness, decision support and docking aids are available in one app. When offline, the application operates via the built-in GPS.

BridgeMate app on tablet

Key benefits

  • Integrates with voyage planning tools and ECDIS.
  • Syncs electronic charts with voyage planning tools and ECDIS.
  • Fetches data directly from the bridge:
    - Navigation information (position, course, speed, etc.)
    - Monitored and executed routes
    - AIS and ARPA targets
  • Provides smart docking assistant from the ship's wings with no conning display.
  • Acts as a second ECDIS backup and autonomous plotter with just GPS capabilities and offline charts.
  • Comes with a built-in seakeeping module to avoid parametric rolling, pitching, heaving, and stability loss.

The latest updates and features of Wärtsilä BridgeMate application

Get insights into how we provide shipowners with the back-up and decision-making support through integration with ECDIS, digitalised shipping charts and other tools that enhance situational awareness, as our Fleet Operations Solution Manager, Vladimir Kolyada, walks you through the latest updates and features of Wärtsilä BridgeMate application, SMART4SEA E-Navigation Award winner.

Insights on fleet optimisation solution

18 Jan 2022 · Article
5 min read
Be mobile and stay safe with the Wärtsilä BridgeMate app
Safety is of paramount importance in shipping, especially when facing rough weather...
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