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    Ship maintenance: 5 strong reasons why you really need to plan it

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  • 5+1 reasons why genuine spare parts are the best choice for your vessel

    Download this white paper and you will learn how genuine, high-quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts offer value that goes far beyond the initial cost.

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  • Revealed: 7 truths about OEM spare parts you wish you had known before

    Buying genuine spare parts is made more difficult by the many misconceptions about them. Read this article and you will learn seven truths about genuine OEM parts – some of which may come as a surprise to you.

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Keep your operations reliable

Did you know that original equipment manufacturer (OEM) spare parts could help improve the reliability of your operations? And could even reduce the risk of downtime? After all, the failure of a single part can result in a major breakdown or malfunction.

Sourcing marine spare parts from Wärtsilä as the OEM delivers important benefits.

Marine spare parts from Wärtsilä are reliable and easy to buy. Their lifetime is longer, and they will perform in a predictable way in your systems. This means they are safer and eliminate the risk of non-compliance. They are also less prone for premature wear or deterioration. 

Using genuine spare parts from Wärtsilä can also save you money in the long run. 

Learn more – download this white paper: Why genuine spare parts are the best choice for your vessel – 5+1 great reasons

Why choose Wärtsilä spare parts?



The marine spare parts are available to you when and where you need them.

  • 24/7 online purchases and support from order to delivery.
  • Global network, local service. Three dedicated distribution centers, and service in 200 locations in 68 countries.
  • Market-leading parts availability, 90% of orders are fulfilled directly from the inventory.  


Buying genuine marine parts from Wärtsilä means safety, guaranteed quality, performance and confidence in your operations.

  • Original engine and part design.
  • Rigorous lab and field testing and stringent quality control.
  • Wärtsilä logo is a proof of quality and regulatory compliance.
  • Full warranty and after-sales services for all products.


Experts support your operations and help to reduce your total cost of ownership.

  • Maintenance cycles with simple planning, budgeting and part sourcing.
  • Technical support throughout your vessel’s lifecycle.
  • Cost and performance optimized upgrades and retrofits.
  • Decarbonisation technologies contribute to your sustainability efforts.

Market-leading part availability with 100,000+ marine products in stock and available now 

Four stroke engine components

Learn more



Two stroke engine components

Learn more



Turbocharger services

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Learn more



Controls and automation

Learn more



Safety solutions

Learn more



Shaft line solutions

Learn more



Exhaust treatment

Learn more



Ship electrification solutions

Learn more



Engine room and auxiliary systems

Learn more



Critical engine components

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    Remove oil mist from crankcase ventilation gas

    Wärtsilä Oil mist separating filter helps to protect the environment. It removes more than 99% of the oil mist from the engine’s crankcase ventilation gas.

    Discover all powerful benefits

Supported marine engine types

4-Stroke: Wärtsilä 14, Wärtsilä 20, Wärtsilä 25, Wärtsilä 26, Wärtsilä 31, Wärtsilä 32, Wärtsilä Vasa 32, Wärtsilä 34, Wärtsilä 38, Wärtsilä 46, Wärtsilä 46F, Wärtsilä 46TS, Wärtsilä 50, Wärtsilä 64, Wärtsilä Z engines

For many of our 4-S engines, we have Dual Fuel (DF) or Pure Gas (SG) versions available. In addition, we have engines that can run on other fuel options, such as methanol. We supply spare parts to all variants.    

2-Stroke: WinGD, Wärtsilä and Sulzer branded two-stroke low-speed engines (X-DF Dual Fuel, X, RT-flex, RTA, RD/RL, RLA, RLB engines)



Do you operate a classic Wärtsilä engine?

QuantiParts (a Wärtsilä company) is dedicated to keeping them running. QuantiParts has been established to support the classic Wärtsilä engine brands: 

Bolnes, Deutz MWM, Stork Werkspoor Diesel, Sulzer A/S 4 stroke, SACM, Poyaud, Vasa 12/24, GMT, Vasa 22, Nohab, Wichmann, Crepelle   


QuantiParts logo



Webinar: Planning maintenance in a changing environment

Learn how planning maintenance in advance helps you save costs and ensure continued operations.

View webinar

Wärtsilä Online

Your fast track to marine spare parts 

Wärtsilä Online is your all-in-one portal for purchasing marine spare parts. Simply create an account and you will have 24/7 access to prices, availability, quotations, order and dispatch statuses, as well as up to date technical bulletins and product information relating to your installations. If you have any queries or specific technical requirements, you can easily contact Wärtsilä experts with TechRequests.

Request access    Log in


Find spare parts, documents and insights


Simplify and speed up your processes


Connect with experts and get support

Integrate your procurement with Wärtsilä

Are you using a procurement system?

We have integrations with the most common procurement platforms and systems, such as Shipserv, Seaproc, Procureship, and Kinnetik. By integrating you can buy Wärtsilä marine spare parts easily with your existing system.

Happy customer integrating procurments

Need support? Can we help? Let´s talk.

Our experts are always ready and willing to help.

Superior logistics services at your disposal 

Wärtsilä's worldwide marine spare parts distribution operates 24/7 from Kampen, The Netherlands through a highly automated and innovative warehouse. We provide premium service for all your spare parts requirements and cover the entire material flow from order confirmation until the point of delivery at your doorstep.

Engine maintenance

Engine maintenance and lifecycle services

Keep your vessels fully operational and reduce costs throughout the engine lifecycle with Wärtsilä services for dry docking, overhauls, small parts repairs and more. We take a preventative, interval-based approach to maintenance and work to make planning and scheduling simple and efficient.

Read more about maintenance


Agreements - optimised maintenance for your vessel or fleet

If you’d like to adjust maintenance intervals to better serve your specific business needs, we’re more than happy to oblige. We offer a range of maintenance agreements to make sure your operations run as expected.

Visit our agreements page


Future-proof your vessel with an upgrade 

If you own a Wärtsilä engine, you can take advantage of our upgrade services to improve performance, lower emissions, improve safety or extend the lifetime of the equipment. As the original engine manufacturer, we are continuously developing and improving our engines.

Read more about upgrade services

Shaping a sustainable maritime future

We want to support you in your sustainability efforts. We actively collaborate with trusted partners on sustainability and have recently helped our customer Carnival Corporation to reduce plastic packaging by 40%.

Read press release

As our products have a long operational life, identifying the lifecycle impacts of our products is essential for understanding their total environmental impact. We manage the lifecycle of our products through their design, the careful selection of suppliers, production methods, and by optimising transportation, maintenance, and repairs during their operational life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in Wärtsilä spare parts?

Buying genuine marine parts from Wärtsilä means guaranteed quality, performance and confidence in your operations.

As one of the largest global leaders in maritime technology, we are always on hand to get you the parts you need, the upgrades you deserve, and the expertise required to reduce downtime and future-proof your fleet. 

By choosing Wärtsilä as your parts and maintenance partner, you can access everything we have to offer, no matter the shape or size of your operations.

Can I buy service kits for my Wärtsilä equipment?

Depending on the region, we can offer service kits that contain all the parts required for key service intervals. 

How do I know I am ordering the right spare part?

Order through Wärtsilä Online and you will only see products that are compatible with your equipment. Moreover, you can contact Wärtsilä if you have questions about spare parts. 

How can you help us to keep our equipment serviced and maintained?

Wärtsilä experts can help you maintain optimal performance throughout the lifecycle of your asset. We evaluate risks when planning maintenance and can partner with your risk calculation exercises to help you choose the right parts or lifecycle upgrades.

Where can I buy genuine Wärtsilä spare parts?

Genuine Wärtsilä Spare Parts can be bought through Wärtsilä Online or by contacting your sales manager or our Parts Coordination team. Buying Wärtsilä spare parts through other channels doesn’t guarantee that you are getting genuine spare parts.

Why should I buy OEM spare parts?

The Wärtsilä logo and IMO product number on the product is your quick reference for compliance and efficiency.

Wärtsilä has done extensive testing to validate that the emission levels of Wärtsilä engines with OEM spare parts are complying with IMO regulations on Nitrogen Oxides (Nox): IMO Nox Regulation 13.

The end-user is accountable for the engine being emission-compliant after a repair or maintenance. When a non-OEM part is used, the customer engine may not be emission compliant.

Wärtsilä guarantees that OEM spare parts are manufactured on original drawings that are compliment with IMO requirements.

We offer a solid 18-month warranty for parts – including 12 months warranty after installation by a Wärtsilä expert. Having all parts from one supplier simplifies the warranty process, so our customers can be fully confident they will get replacements when they need them.

Can I use non genuine parts on my Wärtsilä equipment?

Servicing and maintaining your engine with Wärtsilä spare parts keeps your equipment running efficiently and safely, which you can’t guarantee with other parts.

How can I follow my shipment from Wärtsilä?

Our customers can follow the progress of their quotations and orders easily at Wärtsilä Online. Our customers can view:

  • Sales order dispatch and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) dates
  • Deliveries with content
  • Progress of spare part deliveries
  • Packing list, proforma, delivery note, certificate of conformity, material safety data sheets, classification certificates and readiness to show product compliance documents
  • ...and much more.

The customers can also opt in to receive a notification to follow up on all activities or even specific sales orders if needed.

If you do not have Wärtsilä Online account you can also track your deliveries here:


Where can I find information about VAT statements?

VAT statements can easily be found on Wärtsilä Online

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