Summer Power 2024 categories 


We have eight different application categories – with one application you will automatically apply to multiple positions in the category. You can find more information and about each of the eight categories below with a link to the application website. Please note that we only accept applications that are submitted through our application system.

For all of our open positions, please visit our Wärtsilä Careers website.



Business Administration, Development & Design


In this category you can find our business related commercial and non-technical Development and Design related trainee positions. These can be for example in our Business Administration, Human Resources, Project Management or Service Design teams.

The positions in this category may include tasks like:

  • Data management and control
  • Business Analytics
  • Process mapping and visualization
  • Reporting
  • User interviews
  • Event management and coordination
  • Assisting with travel arrangements, time sheets, payroll or invoicing

You can find the job post for Business Administration, Development & Design here.



Engineering & Technology


In this category you can find our engineering and technology related trainee positions. These can be for example in our Sustainable Fuels & Decarbonization, R&D, Field Service, Design, Technical Support, Quality, Health, Safety & Environment, Industrial Design, Testing & Validation, Construction & Commissioning, Technical Documentation and Project Management teams. This category offers opportunities for construction, electrical, mechanical and automation engineering students to spend the summer travelling abroad in our customer sites supporting in different projects and instillations. 


The positions in this category may include tasks like:

  • Technical Drawings
  • Maintenance
  • Research
  • Risk management
  • Engine design (electrical and mechanical)
  • Engine testing
  • Fuel labs
  • Quality management
  • Technical support
  • 3D printing
  • Project support and management
  • Process Development 


You can find the job post for Engineering & Technology here.






Finance & Control


In this category you can find our Finance & Control related trainee positions. There are some positions in our FiCo teams within the businesses, but most positions are in our Wärtsilä Shared Service Center (WSSC). WSSC supports the Wärtsilä companies in financial accounting and other operational tasks and acts as a gatekeeper to ensure compliance. WSSC is striving for a harmonized one global Wärtsilä way of working with high quality, timely, effective and efficient processes. 

In these positions you might be working with matters such as:

  • Invoicing
  • Travel Expenses
  • Master Data
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payments & Accounts Receivable
  • Trade Finance
  • General Accounting & Entity Close
  • Fixed Assets Accounting
  • Admin billing
  • Intra-Group Matching
  • Financial Statutory Accounting including Finance, Customs and VAT
  • Export Documentation
  • Finance & Business Control


You can find the job post for Finance & Control here.





Information Management & Cyber Security

In this category you can find our Information Management (IM) & Cyber Security related trainee positions.

Information Management (IM) integrates processes, systems and information, supports businesses in digitizing core operations and enables new digital business opportunities via technology and information. For development minded persons, Wärtsilä IM offers an opportunity to shape the future of our business and be part of the global digital transformation.

Our Cyber Security organization helps securing our business by developing and operating a corporate level cyber security program, supporting both our internal IT and products in safeguarding their business against cyber threats and meeting the expectations of market for product cyber security. 


The positions in this category may include tasks like:

  • Software Development & Operations
  • Data Operations
  • Enterprise Systems & Services
  • Cyber Security


You can find the job post for Information Management & Cyber Security here.



Legal & Compliance

In this category you can find our legal & compliance related trainee positions. We are especially looking for students who are pursuing a Master of Laws degree and have 3+ years of studying behind them. Our legal trainees will have high focus on international transactions and contract law. For some positions in the support functions, we may also consider other relevant fields of study. 

You can find the job post for Legal & Compliance here.





Manufacturing & Assembly

In this category you can find our manufacturing & assembly related trainee positions. Positions in this category are mostly in our Wärtsilä Delivery Center Sustainable Technology Hub (DC STH) in Vaskiluoto Vaasa. 

This category is a great place to start your Wärtsilä career, as you will have the opportunity of getting to know our products and modern manufacturing. To support us in our priorities of delivery precision, optimised costs and world-class quality, we focus on finding competent and motivated trainees. 

In this category, we offer trainee positions in following areas: 

  • Machining
  • Maintenance
  • Pre- and Main Assembly
  • Engine laboratories
  • Delivery Unit & Module assembly
  • Test Run & Finishing
  • Connecting Rod Workshop


You can find the job post for Manufacturing & Assembly here.





Marketing & Communications

In this category you can find our marketing and communications related trainee positions. Trainee positions in this category is mainly related to content creation, documentation, brand identity and stakeholder communications.

The positions in this category may include tasks like:

  • Producing content to different communications channels internally and externally
  • Updating websites, communication channels and social media
  • Writing, editing and translating texts and presentations
  • Handling interviews, photography, videography and/or editing
  • Handling campaigns or subprojects independently and coordinating updates for marketing materials
  • Assistance in daily operational tasks


You can find the job post for Marketing & Communications here.





Sales, Purchasing & Supply Chain

In this category the we have our sales, purchasing and supply chain related positions. You might be working in our purchasing, indirect purchasing, sales, sales support, logistics, or supply chain and material management teams.


The positions in this category may include tasks like:

  • Stakeholder co-operation
  • Reporting
  • Sales support
  • Handling quotations and orders
  • Processing claims
  • Process Development
  • Sourcing


You can find the job post for Sales, Purchaising & Supply Chain here.