Carbon neutrality

Our goal is to become carbon-neutral in our own operations by 2030. 

Our main decarbonisation initiatives

emission reduction measures

As part of our decarbonisation actions, we evaluate the timing and maturity of various measures, dependencies with different projects, as well as the cost effects of each greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction measure. Our recent actions have focused on low and medium cost measures, such as purchasing green electricity, low emission company vehicles, and reducing time in R&D and factory engine testing.

We have developed a purchasing model for green electricity purchases, where we have defined our approach for acquiring Guarantees of Origins (GOs), Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), and International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs).

R&D and factory engine testing generates 74% of our Scope 1 emissions. Several actions related to the reduction of GHG emissions from engine testing are underway, and results can already be seen. For example, in Bermeo, Spain, we have tested the use of synthetic heavy fuel oil (eHFO) in our engine laboratory with good results. To produce the synthetic fuels, renewable hydrogen and CO₂ are used.