Protecting the marine environment

Wärtsilä as a company has long been offering technologies for enhanced environmental performance. As one of the marine industry’s leading equipment suppliers, we have a responsibility to supply efficient environmental solutions that can comply with regulations and protect the quality of our seas.


Ballast water management solutions
The International Maritime Organisation's (IMO) Ballast Water Code (BWC) entered into force 8th September 2017. Ships are required to manage their ballast tanks to remove or render harmless the ballast water discharge of invasive species. The Wärtsilä Aquarius range of IMO, UGA and USCG approved ballast water management systems (BWMS) limit the spread of ballast water related invasive species and prevent their introduction to aquatic ecosystems. The Aquarius BWMS range offers both ultraviolet (UV) and electro chlorination (EC) technology.  Read more »


Waste treatment
We offer a complete, fully integrated, wet and dry waste treatment system suitable for all vessel types and sizes. The innovative advanced waste water treatment technology, with external membrane separation, is based on biological degradation. The system allows high purity treatment of black and grey water in accordance with the most stringent legislation, including the removal of nutrients, such as phosphorous and nitrogen compounds, as required in special areas such as the Baltic Sea and Alaskan waters. Our waste management product range also includes vacuum toilets and collection systems, food waste collection and treatment systems, solid waste handling, drying and incineration, and sewage treatment plants. Read more »


Environmentally and operationally efficient shaft line solutions
Oil leakage from the shaft line can harm marine ecosystems, restrict access to ports, and can lead to fines being imposed. This can be avoided with water lubricated seals and bearings, which are already standard in navy installations. We have developed a range of high-quality, water and oil lubricated shaft line products and packages that can be used with all vessel shaft sizes. Read more »


Reduction of underwater noise
An increasingly important issue in the shipping industry is underwater noise which has a direct impact on marine life. We have developed solutions to minimise and control underwater radiated noise generated from onboard systems. These include solutions for propellers, such as the Wärtsilä EnergoProFin, and double suspension for engines to meet the requirements set by, for example, local port authorities in Canada. Our work also includes the development of customised silent modes for vessel operations.  Read more »