Sustainability strategy

Sustainability approach

Our sustainability strategy is based on three closely interrelated pillars: economic, environmental, and social performance. We aim to be a profitable company that contributes towards the well-being of society by being a forerunner in sustainable solutions while demonstrating high ethical, and health and safety standards.

Wärtsilä aims to meet shareholder and customer expectations, and contribute towards the well-being of society. This requires efficient, profitable, and competitive company operations. Good economic performance establishes a platform for the other aspects of sustainability – environmental and social responsibility.

Wärtsilä’s aim is to be a forerunner in sustainable innovation and furthermore reduce emissions in our customer’s operations and in societies overall. Wärtsilä supplies smart technologies and services that help to mitigate climate change and protect our oceans and seas. We continuously work on achieving high environmental standards in our operations, and improving the environmental performance and efficiency of our products and solutions through R&D, collaboration, partnerships, and active engagement in ecosystems. In doing this, we help our customers and society at large to meet the goals of the tightening global environmental regulations and guidelines.

We have high ethical standards and we care about the communities in which we operate. Our business operations and relations with our stakeholders are governed by our Code of Conduct. Wärtsilä is a responsible employer, and we seek to offer our employees an interesting and exciting workplace where openness, respect, trust, equal opportunities, and scope for personal development prevail. A further aim is to offer a safe working environment to our employees and contractors, and to minimise the health and safety risks associated with the use of our products and services. Through effective supply chain management and continuous development, we strive to ensure that our values expressed in the Code of Conduct are promoted in our whole value chain.