Values and Code of Conduct programme

At Wärtsilä, we aim at having the best possible working culture, where ethics and compliance are at the core of our business practices. This requires that all of our employees in all our various locations understand and apply the same principles as defined in our Code of Conduct. We take an active approach to applying the Code of Conduct, and its supporting policies. The key areas of the Code of Conduct include compliance with laws, transparency and continuous stakeholder dialogue, respect for human and labour rights, occupational health and safety, fair employment practices, anti-corruption, anti-fraud, and environmental protection. We promote its implementation through support material and processes, group-wide mandatory e-learning programmes and other training courses, management systems, reporting and investigating noncompliance cases, monitoring, and by communicating activities.

Our Values and Code of Conduct programme includes various actions aimed at strengthening the ethical culture of our company. These include the signing of an individual Code of Conduct Undertaking letter, an e-learning programme, and individual discussions, all of which are aimed at creating common understanding and strengthening the values and principles that we expect. Our Code of Conduct e-learning programme provides information about the Code and its themes, as well as guidance for employees on making the right decisions in their everyday work. Employees are required to renew the mandatory training every second year.